Print dine mobilbilleder på lækre plakater


The concept

The Beeld app allows you to create beautiful posters and prints from your mobile photos.

We all have tons of photos hidden away on our smartphones and they never get used. Sometimes your best photos get lost in a backup or in the cloud. Why not use your favorite memories and create a beautiful poster where you decide the message.

We have created some unique templates where you can let go of creativity and create a unique product that focuses on preserving the memories – YOUR MEMORIES!

Download the app on iPhone or Android

You can only create posters and prints via your smartphone, you dont have the option to upload via your computer, but we have integrated our app with Dropbox.

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The team

Beeld was founded in September 2016, and in August 2017 the concept went online.

We are a dedicated team of committed and professionally skilled individuals within app development, photography, graphics, marketing, finance and logistics.

Our vision

Developing our company and constant innovation of our products, to provide the best customer experience.

Our goal is to become Denmark’s largest supplier of personal posters and prints, where you as a customer receive a complete product with poster mounted in frame, sent in professional packaging ready for wall mounting at home.

We focus on simplicity and ease of use, and our customers are offered the best customer service, all at a price that everyone can pay.

We make every effort to keep prices competitive and we strive to provide the best prices for shipping our products around the country. We strive for short delivery times for at better and faster customer service.

Our dream is to expand abroad so we can become the world’s largest supplier of personal posters and prints. This can keep delivery times down for the individual countries, and contribute to the aforementioned customer service that our focus is on.

The Beeld team